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This is Laura Lace‘s first porn shoot. The busty teen participated in several of ours sci-fi porn productions. After satisfying her lesbian sex lust she disappeared from the porn industry. The hot ass babe used to be a very shy and isolated person and had to visit a therapist. As per the psychologist’s advise Laura opened herself for dirty lesbian sex and in a year or so she was cured of any social related problems…In this first porn scene we can see the horny girl talking to stuffed toys and then humping during masturbation for achieving maximum pleasure. The kinky porn pictures are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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Laura Lace BIO

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Laura Lace is one of these super dirty teen babes who decided to move to Los Angeles and have a couple of years nude modeling and kinky lesbian sex on daily basis. She just wanted to enjoy sexual orgasms every day and not thinking about anything else. The hot ass teen did not want to become a porn star or nude model. She did not see that as a viable career. Busty and fit Laura just wanted to enjoy porn and sex for a while before going to college and focus on studies. The kinky teen participated in several of female domination porn scenes, where she would fight, spank and face-sit submissive lesbian babes. I have several photo galleries and BTS videos of hers and will post them once ready…

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 34B-24-34

Kylie Wylde BIO

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Kylie Wylde is a sexy super fit blonde teen who came from New Jersey hoping to become a top porn star. Kylie has a beautiful ass and small perky boobs. This kinky teen loves to insert huge fat dildos in her vagina and booty. The dirty babe likes fisting her pussy and butt deep with her strong hands, while squirting during long satisfying orgasms. We have filmed her for several different sites of ours covering dirty fetish niches. Ms Wylde also loves BDSM lesbian sex and group hardcore porn. This horny tattoo girl is now retired after 11 years working in the porn business.

Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Measurements: 4C-25-33

Bi-Sexual Teen in her first porn shoot as dirty secretary

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Cindy is an exhibitionist babe, who likes sex with men and women. She currently has a boyfriend and a girlfriend. You can find out more about her personal life when I post the interview I filmed with her…In her first porn shoot the dirty teen acted as a horny secretary. Cindy put on a secretary uniform and imagined what she would do after a regular boring day after work. The hot ass babe locked the door and began stripping her fetish lingerie. Cindy left on only her high heel shoes. Then she began spreading her ass and pussy and touching her boobs. Later on the horny teen laid down on the desk of her boss, pulled a dildo and began masturbating. The kinky porn video is posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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Lexxi Tyler BIO

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Q: How did you get into the exotic entertainment business?
A: I first started out cocktailing at Spearmint Rhino on the weekends. I had a corporate job during the week and although the experience looks good on a resume, the paychecks just weren’t cutting it. So I decided to start dancing….
Q: What are some of the things you like about the business?
A: I love arousing both men and women and being that “fantasy” girl. It actually turns me on knowing that you’re jacking off to me! If I can make you cum and leave you wanting more, then I’ve done my job.
Q: Who is your favorite porn star?
A: JESSE JANE!!! She is so sexy and her eyes devour you like a starving animal ready to chow down on your pussy. She reeks sex appeal all over!! I would definitely fuck her if the opportunity arose!
Q: Do you think of yourself as a tits or ass fan?
A: Definitely tits! I love to burry my face in them and caress them. The whole ass thing is nice but sometimes it’s a little out of control or just non-existent. I have more luck with nice, juicy tits!!! Mmmm!
Q: What is your favorite sex toy?
A: The pocket rocket!! It makes me cum and orgasm like 110% stronger and louder! I highly recommend it to all the pussies out there.
Q: What is your favorite position?
A: On my back with my legs straight up in the air. AMAZING!!! I also like doggy style… I like to get slammed up against my ass from behind.
Q: Where did you grow up?
A: I actually grew up in Beaverton , Oregon and move to LA/OC March of ‘99. Yes, I’m a small town girl. If you told me, Lexxi … in 4 years you’ll be a feature dancer with your own adult website…I would have been like, yeah keep sniffing that glass. lol. But you know, it’s been my choice to do this the whole way and I really enjoy it! So here’s to small town girls!
Q: What are your other activities you enjoy besides sex?
A: I workout in the gym about 3-5 times a week. After working so hard all week sometimes I just really enjoy relaxing at home under the covers watching a movie or going to The Coffee Bean and having a vanilla latté. I enjoy scented candles, my whole house is full of them. I love shopping and dining down Melrose, 3 rd St. Promenade, Rodeo Dr and The Block. Shopping is always on the agenda and it’s very liberating! When I’m in the mood to go out I love to party like a RoCk StAr and dress like a sLuT! I love fine dining and partying in the clubs and bars in Hollywood and OC.
Q: When did you 1 st have sex?
A: when I was 17 years old.
Q: What was it like?
A: it was of all things, a one night stand. In the back of a pick up truck, while I was in Palm springs. It was painful cause he was very well hung.
Q: When did you figure out that you liked women?
A: About 3 years ago me & my childhood best friend hooked up at a party & It was just so sensual & erotic that I just couldn’t help myself to indulge in more girl on girl action.
Q: What about women do you like that is so different from men?
A: The female body is a work of art. Being with a woman is so much more familiar & we know what each other likes on a more intimate level.
Q: What about men do you like that is so different from women?
A: Nothing beats a hard cock banging the shit out of you. It is so raw & animalistic.
Q: What are your fetishes (shoes, no shoes, long hair, short hair, big dicks, muscles, big tits etc…. ?
A: Blue eyes, soft lips, & my POCKET ROCKET !
Q: What is your biggest turn on?
A: When a girl has that seductive look in her eyes. Her eyes are saying “I need to eat you alive”, that is just out of this world. It is a turn on when a guy actually has rhythm. I just melt cause I think about how he will move in between the sheets.
Q: Turn offs?
A: When men make excuses as to why they can’t do something. Just cut the bullshit & say how things really are. IE: When I’m working at the club & I ask if a guy would like a dance, he gives me a whole lame ass story about how I’m too hot & beautiful for him to get a dance with me. If you’re not interested or just flat out broke, just say so. I’m a nice person I’m not going to be mean to you if you keep it real.
Q: When did you start dancing and where do you work right now?
A: I started dancing in June of ’04 & I work at Imperial show girls in Anaheim & the wild goose by LAX.
Q: What made you decide to get into the adult entertainment industry? A: I started off as a cocktail waitress at spearmint rhino, where I made pretty good money. But I saw how much more $ you could make as a dancer. & I LOVE to dance and entertain and feel sexy. I was watching a series on HBO called Pornucopia and when I saw how much that industry was making I decided to dip my feet in and see what becomes of it. That is why I launched my website.
Q: What type of music do you like to dance to/what are you dancing to right now?
A: I like to dance to a little bit of everything, But I really like Lincoln Park, Jadakiss, POD, Jay-Z, Blink 182,Crystal method,& AFI just to name a few. It just depends on the mood that I am in.
Q: Tell us a little about you as a dancer– what is it that you try to do with your show and/or private dances? (Turn on the guy? entertain? have fun yourself? etc)
A: On stage I try to be as animated as possible, most dancers don’t do much more than just spread their legs. Private dances are a little bit different. You have to try to get to know the customer a little bit so can understand more what he/she likes. A lot of guys take me as the innocent type until they dance with me. Then I might let a few personal things, how much I like my toys or other women, & they seem to get this visual picture in their head. It’s great to see them get turned on.
Q: What’s your idea of a perfect romantic evening?
A: Well, it would start with dinner, then a walk along the beach while the sun sets into the water, with the waves crashing around me, running over my bare feet.
Q: What are your plans and dreams for the future?
A: To retire in 10 years & travel the world.
Q: If a customer wants to stay on your good side or impress you, what should he do?
A: Be honest, don’t waste my time, & don’t get more dances than you can afford (don’t bite off more than you can chew)
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Birthplace: California, USA