Crissy Cums BIO

biography of hot ass porn star Crissy Cums

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Likes: I love the outdoors. Hiking, the beach, camping or whatever. Its even better if you can have a few friends and some Bacardi 151!
Dislikes: People who like porn but hate those who make it! Shallow people. Neighbors who call the cops. Cops! Crusty old politicians who hate porn. Women’s activists.
Goals: I want to buy a house! Go to college! Get a bitchin’ crotch rocket! Someday when I get old I will move to a nudist colony and chase some beautiful young guys! Scary!
Accomplishments: I finally came out and admitted I was bisexual! It has been a process! Bad Church! Bad Morals! Lies! All lies!
Career: Exotic Dancer and Porn Star!

Height: 5’6″
Weight: ?
Hair: It changes!
Eyes: Blue
Measurements: 32-27-34
Birthplace: Czech Republic

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