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Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Measurements: 34B-20-34
Birthplace: Puerto Rico

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  How can I describe myself? I have been asked to do just that on so many occasions. First and foremost, I love SEX. I can describe myself as unique. A 20 year old Puerto Rican raised in New York by a single mother.

Growing up in the 80’s with a single mother wasn’t easy. This is why I like being independent. Single mother means independence. In school I didn’t hang with any group of people because of this independence. Really stayed to myself and like being my own
person. Still do.

Before I did films, I used to work as a Lingerie consultant for a major company. I enjoyed the exhibitionist side of lingerie sales, but it was not quite enough (Money or sexual needs). So here I am enjoying the true form of it all, Adult Entertainment.
My Hispanic and Puerto Rican heritage screams sexuality, especially me, to the second power. This is why I do not really have a favorite sex act. I love it all. I consider myself an exhibitionist and it plays on my personal fantasies. One of my many turn-ons is
leaving something to the imagination is much sexier than the act itself. This is why the mind is the strongest sex organ . I love going to clubs and teasing and turning on guys and even girls who do not suspect. It’s a turn on to me when a guys is coming on to me and I know in my head I am going to make him literally cum with me. I would be categorized as a tease or a one night stand. Yes, I am a little freak. I admit it!! I am married but I still have fun. I love an intelligent man with mass personality. I despise loud, obnoxious, highly agressive boys (men) and they do not deserve anytime with
any woman (sorry for my emotional behavior).

This adult entertainment business and fulfilling certain fantasies has been the best time of my life so far and I am looking forward tomore new and improved projects. I enjoy having fun and exploring the sexual creativeness I crave. Outside of the sexual arena, I do plan on doing something’s like "Sky Diving", a fear I will overcome.
I love my feet on the ground. Things like dancing and making movies are safer and my feet are on the ground. Speaking of dancing, I will begin Dancing at select clubs by summertime. Remember, I am an exhibitionist and love it.
I love sex, I am down to earth and see myself far from being a "Star" because I am not better than anyone, just unique. This is my chance now to tell whoever is interested in little ol’ me, that I am "for real".

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